2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport with Pro Driver Jamie Morrow


After the CHIRON and CHIRON Sport, the CHIRON Pur Sport showed the ferocious personality of a hyper sports car made for corners and lateral agility. Now, with the CHIRON Super Sport, we are following our long tradition of combining extreme high speed with absolute luxury, to offer a whole new dimension of the BUGATTI experience.

With its longtail streamlined design and the fabulous performance of its 1.600 PS, the CHIRON Super Sport represents the essence of what we have learned and developed in recent years and honors the Super Sport brand nine decades after its birth.

The CHIRON Super Sport is the ultimate Grand Tourisme, delivering brutal performance in total comfort. The CHIRON family is multi-faceted. Inspired by this versatility, we have created a double-sided navigation experience to present you BUGATTI’s latest masterpiece from all perspectives. We wish you a splendid journey.

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