2024 Hot Wheels Legends Tour – Miami winner 1965 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia


“Karma” is a custom 1965 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia built by Jorge Lazcano that has been fully restored and modified inside and out over two and a half years. Inspired by a friend with the same model, Jorge loved the unique design of the car and wanted to bring his personal vision to life.

Lazcano’s Karmann Ghia retains the classic styling but features tasteful exterior modifications including the combination of antique white and jet-black paint.

Additionally, the chrome on the vehicle was powder coated black to stand out against the white body. He then swapped the original wheels for custom black 17-inch wheels and dropped the vehicle on a static suspension setup.

The performance was also improved as the original motor was swapped for a larger 1600 Dual Port single carb motor to give the little VW more power to match the aesthetic, and the braking system was updated to modern discs.

This, along with brand-new leather interior, left him with a sleek, sophisticated look that impressed the judges and took the top spot at Hot Wheels Legends Tour Miami today.

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