2024 Lincoln Nautilus with Lincoln Rejuvenate, a symphonic orchestration of luxury


The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus was designed and engineered for the brand’s younger, global customers, offering them choices in technology, design and powertrains based on their needs and lifestyles – progressing the brand’s design to a more dynamic, digital space.

The reimagined cabin incorporates new ambient lighting along with crystal-inspired details throughout the vehicle that capture the essence of seeing sun reflected on water – a piano key shifter, instrument panel toggles and audio knob that shimmer.

Nautilus awakens with a new Lincoln Embrace beginning at the center of the new display, flowing out into the front and rear door panels.

A flat-top steering wheel allows clients to see over, not through the wheel, giving an overall effect of comfortable openness and a sense of freedom.

The all-new Lincoln Nautilus SUV takes sanctuary into the connected future, designed to help clients recharge, with features that craft an entirely new sensory experience that will immerse you in rejuvenating power of sight, sound, touch and scent.

Introducing a new in-vehicle digital experience, Nautilus allows clients to create their own sanctuary – beginning at the center touchscreen and extending up and out into the main display.

The new display spans the entire dash and can be personalized to meet driver needs – raising the preferred information of their choice to help keep their eyes up and on the road.

Lincoln Rejuvenate, a stationary experience, orchestrates specially curated sensory experiences tied to lighting, screen visuals, personal preferences such as seating position and massage options – allowing clients to recharge. A symphonic orchestration with crisp, high-resolution animations on the displays creates an immersive digital sanctuary based on different moods.

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