Sea-Doo Switch Cruise Limited 2024


Life on the water is meant to be lived enjoying it to the fullest with family and friends.

Thanks to the latest industry-defining innovation from BRP, that life as we know it will never be the same. Get ready to meet the all-new 2024 Switch Series of Sea-Doo pontoons that completely redefines the boating experience for everyone on board.

With a spacious deck and jet propulsion driven tri-hull pontoon platform, Sea-Doo Switch deliver all the comfort and versatility needed for family and friends to fully enjoy on-water adventures together, as well as all the excitement and performance you’d expect from a Sea-Doo.

Once aboard, a modern and versatile layout awaits capable of transforming into a living room on the water ready to entertain in a variety of ways on demand.

Regardless of what lies ahead on any given day, the Switch instantly adapts to taste thanks to ingeniously designed accessories.

From seating options to storage to tow sports to refreshments, the Switch does it all with sleek styling in a highly value-oriented package that simplifies the Sea-Doo Life journey from purchase all the way through the full ownership experience.

Every Sea-Doo Switch pontoon is a total package that eases anxiety points for new powerboat customers by including a trailer and engine up front. By simplifying the process for both dealers and buyers, it gets the ownership journey and dealership experience started on the right foot.

Beyond starting on the right foot, Switch offers the perfect fit for any size family with models starting as small as Switch Compact 13-foot model and growing to 16, 18, 19 and 21 feet. Each model is paired with the proven Rotax power options geared not only for the size of the pontoon.

Top speeds are different depending on the model, engine, load, and if the bimini top is up or down.

Here are some basic top speeds with a driver only.

13’ – 170hp = 39 mph
18’ – 170hp = 35 mph
18’ – 230hp = 43 mph
21’ – 170hp = 32 mph
21’ – 230hp = 39 mph

These speeds are with the bimini top up. Base models do not have bimini tops and gain 2-3 mph

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