Toyota at the 2022 Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance


Toyota is very excited to display seven vehicles at the 2022 Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance.

1967 Toyota 2000GT
1982 Toyota Celica (#01) GT Convertible
1993 Toyota Supra Turbo
1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo
2022 Toyota GR86
2023 ToyotaGR Corolla and GR Supra

There will also be a special Wheels of Japan showcase featuring 19 JDM vehicles, as well as two privately-owned vehicles of note: a 2002 Lexus 2057 Concept Vehicle that was used in The Minority Report and The Island, and a 1988 fan-made Toyota replica of the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

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