2022 Hyundai IONIQ5 Digital Key and updated Blue Link App


Hyundai today gave top U.S. media the first opportunity to drive its highly anticipated IONIQ 5 EV and provided updated specifications and features.

An all-new vehicle inspired developers to rethink the Bluelink app with technology focused EV buyers in mind.

The redesigned home screen displays the vehicle’s range, battery state and charging times when plugged into public or private chargers. Customers can access an advanced battery management system to select charging times that best fit their schedules or budget by making the most of off-peak electricity rates.

With Remote Charging, IONIQ 5 drivers can start and stop charging with the push of a button on their smartphone app. During colder or warmer months, Remote Climate Control allows users to schedule pre-heating or pre-cooling of IONIQ 5 while it is connected to a power source.

Not only does this ensure comfort for occupants during the drive, but it also saves battery power that would otherwise be needed to heat or cool the vehicle on the road.

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